The Veggie Way Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1 (SuperFoods)

Veggie Way mod for Minecraft 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5, which provides many new merchandise to Minecraft for vegetarians. These merchandise are wealthy in vitamins with sturdy results.

the veggie way mod - The Veggie Way Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1 (SuperFoods)

How does it work?

To get began with The Veggie Way, you could create your self a hand cultivator. A hand cultivator is a software you should utilize to interrupt up soil and sand.
Use it to interrupt up filth and sand you’ve gotten the flexibility to get purple swan seeds (from the bottom) and a drying agent (from the sand).

the veggie way mod 2 - The Veggie Way Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1 (SuperFoods)

After that you can farm the following:

  • Chicken Egg.
  • Make vitamin powder.
  • To make fructose powder.
  • To make wheat seed powder.
  • Cocoa beans. To make caffeine powder.
  • Potatoes. To make powder.
  • Milk.

Upon getting the powder, you can even make superfood powder.

the veggie way mod 3 - The Veggie Way Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1 (SuperFoods)

You can make the following meals/drinks from this powder:

  • Energy Drink: provides you with 4 starvation and velocity when consuming.
  • Energy Bar: provides you 6 starvation and resistance.
  • Shake: provides you 5 starvation and power whenever you drink.
  • SuperFood: provides you 7 starvation and instantaneous well being whenever you eat.

To simply see the formulation of the mod, you may set up JEI (Just Enough Items).

the veggie way mod 4 - The Veggie Way Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1 (SuperFoods)

The Veggie Way Mod Installation

  1. Download and install the latest version of Fabric API and Fabric Modloader
  2. Download and install the Forge API
  3. Download The Veggie Way Mod (selected versions below)
  4. Place the downloaded mod in the folder ./minecraft/mods/
  5. In addition, you can install the Mod Menu

The Veggie Way Mod Download Links

for Minecraft (Fabric) ⇒ 1.18.1 + 1.17.1 + 1.16.5 + 1.15.2

Author: kwpugh | Source Page: CurseForge

for Minecraft (Forge) ⇒ 1.17.1 + 1.16.5 + 1.15.2 + 1.14.4

Author: kwpugh | Source Page: CurseForge