Diet Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5

Diet (Forge) Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5 will assist the consumer create and handle their dietary meals teams within the sport. Right here is the total element of the principle options!

diet mod - Diet Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5

Diet (Forge) Key Features

Diet will seem with a default configuration. By which, you may construct classical sorts together with fruits, grains, greens, proteins, and sugars.

Meals Teams – They symbolize the sorts of edible gadgets. The worth of every exists between 0 and 100%. It will increase when consuming.

Configurable choices relate to Identify, Merchandise Icon, Hexcode Colour, Ordering, Default Worth, Achieve/Decay Multiplier,

Dietary effects

They’re customized rewards or penalties. You’ll be able to alter them by way of the diet-effects.toml file from the world save’s server config folder.

Possible results can comprise any registered potion functionality, vanilla and modded, with modifying attributes.

5 food groups – supported mods

  • Abnormals Delight
  • Abundance
  • akkamaddi’s Ashenwheat
  • Alex’s Mobs
  • Animalium
  • Aquaculture 2
  • Ars Nouveau
  • Artifacts
  • Atmospheric
  • Autumnity
  • Bayou Blues
  • BetterDefaultBiomes
  • Berry Good
  • Bettas
  • Better Animals Plus
  • Better End (Forge)
  • Integrated Dynamics
  • Bloom and Gloom
  • Blueberry
  • Buzzier Bees
  • Caves and Cliffs Backport
  • Caves and Cliffs Mod
  • Combustive Fishing
  • Cookielicious
  • Create
  • Creatures and Beasts
  • Crock Pot
  • …and extra!

Diet (Forge) is a meals mod that requires Minecraft Forge to run.

Diet Mod Installation

  1. Download and install the Forge API
  2. Download Diet Mod (selected versions below)
  3. Place the downloaded mod in the folder ./minecraft/mods/

Diet Mod Download Links

for Minecraft ⇒ 1.18.1 + 1.17.1 + 1.16.5