UPDATE: I fixed the corn showing green when ready to harvest as well as the built-in GEO. DO NOT use a Geo with this map, I built one into it.

countyline seasons extra v1 0 0 0 fs19 mod - COUNTYLINE SEASONS EXTRA V1.0.0.0 FS19 Mod

* Map Release *

County Line

– Seasons Ready

– Farm buildings and animal husbandries have been removed so you can build your farm how you want.

– Precision Farming Ready

– MaizePlus Ready with all extensions thanks to The Alien Paul and the Farming Agency

– Added Anhydrous

– Increased fruit height types to 127

– Multi-Terrain Angle (32 angles)

– Added fruit types that work with MaizePlus

– Cornstalk and Soybean Bales by derelky, Michigun Gaming & Outdoors, 4MR Modding

– Alfalfa by Oxygen_David

– Clover by The Farming Agency Farming Agency (MaizePlus Ready)

– Added Dry Corn and Corn Dryer by JS Mapping (Must have Global Company for it to work)

– NEFG Modding (Custom Corn/Soybean Textures)

– Thanks to The Farming Agency for use of their custom vehicles (Mower Conditioner, Onion and Carrot equipment)

– Huge shoutout to the JS Mapping team for helping me out and answering my many questions!

Original credit goes to blueweb, who made this amazing map for FS15 and FS17. Broncfan03 further worked on a Seasons conversion for FS17 called County Line Seasons, which was the base map I began working with to convert this map to FS19. I would also like to extend credit to the original authors that Blueweb credited in his original post, along with a few others: docElyoc Marhu Craigoryjameson LBJModding 812Farmer JohnDeere1952 Igor29381 blakealig1 jb3pc4sale Fraser Cow Feterlj DeckerVII Seriousmods RandomSparks ThompsonM06 gamerhzs Danjelmc Petorious fqC_art Kastor Maurermatze/$nickers Dutch Agricultural Modelling JohnD7810 Reaper9111 OGF BernieSRC Pisty m chtegernbauer t2k-lsmodding(thoralf2002, PP); Manuel (LS2011 BGA Baukasten2); itisntworking srsmds LMBFarmer Caminokid Rafiki Giants GnG Modding Black Sheep Modding

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