Chalk Mod 1.18.2/1.17.1/1.16.5

Chalk Mod 1.18.2, 1.17.1, 1.16.5 helps you mark your route once you make your manner by Minecraft world. This retains you staying in your observe.

chalk mod - Chalk Mod 1.18.2/1.17.1/1.16.5

While you embark on an journey, be sure you deliver some chalk with you. It’s as a result of the chalk helps you mark your manner and you’ll comply with it with out getting misplaced.

chalk mod 2 - Chalk Mod 1.18.2/1.17.1/1.16.5chalk mod 3 - Chalk Mod 1.18.2/1.17.1/1.16.5

Characteristics of the Chalk Mod

Here are some unique characteristics of this Map and Information mod:

  • To create a bit of chalk, make you’ve got a bit of clay and dye. You’ll be able to select any shade for the chalk.
  • You will discover chalks in underground chests and in villages.
  • The mark that’s created by the chalk will level in the path based mostly on the a part of a block you click on.
  • To create an X-mark, you employ Sneak and Right-Click on.
  • If you wish to draw a mark, be sure you discover a flat floor. Any facet of a full block can be sufficient.
  • You’ll be able to put different blocks on prime of it. Or you may substitute it within the course of.
  • While you make a mistake, you may draw a brand new mark on it. You don’t should brake it first.
  • The mark can glow. To make it glow, you make the most of Glowstone Mud on it. Then, it’ll give gentle to the encompassing space.
  • You may also use chalks to attract on Supplementaries Blackboard. Be sure to activate colored_blackboard in Supplementaries config to acquire coloured drawings.
  • Apart from, you may as well make the most of Glowing Inc Sac from Caves and Cliffs Backport or Improve Aquatic for making a mark glow.

chalk mod 4 - Chalk Mod 1.18.2/1.17.1/1.16.5

Chalk Mod took inspiration from Ariadne Coal item that comes from Engineer’s Tools made by wilechaote. You make use of the chalks to attract and mark your manner by the in-game world.

Chalk Mod Installation

  1. Download and install the latest version of Fabric API and Fabric Modloader
  2. Download and install the Forge API
  3. Download Chalk Mod (selected versions below)
  4. Place the downloaded mod in the folder ./minecraft/mods/
  5. In addition, you can install the Mod Menu

Chalk Mod Download Links

for Minecraft (Fabric) ⇒ 1.18.2 + 1.17.1

for Minecraft (Forge) ⇒ 1.18.2 + 1.17.1 + 1.16.5